Our clients include some of the most trusted and prominent names in their area of business. 

We focus on complex issues ranging from navigating our clients through shareholders’ disputes and boardroom dynamics to cyber security enforcement and protection of rights of our clients from term sheet to the transaction space. 

Our role is to enable businesses to operate by providing meaningful legal representation with a realistic risk analysis of possible outcomes. A sample of the spectrum of our work:

  • A pre-litigation dispute situation where a client is being asked by a business partner to comply with an onerous clause in the shareholders’ agreement which has ambiguous provisions; 
  • A corporate governance abuse case where a listed company in relation to a shareholder who is routinely making unbacked complaints about a key management person and abusing the whistle-blower mechanism; 
  • Acquisition of a stressed company which is on the verge of liquidation in the IBC process; 
  • Evolving a risk matrix for a business strategy of a high-growth technology company with marquee investors involving a vast market with regulatory complexities and ambiguities; 
  • A buy-out acquisition of a fintech business with significant regulatory non-compliances and limiting the post-deal liability of the buyer. 
  • Complex questions of process and law particularly in the fintech, logistics, and gaming space which require deep insights into regulations by SEBI, RBI, and other sectoral regulators.

We also advise routinely on ESOP plans and on IPOs and funding readiness from an approach of contractual protections and compliance evaluation.

Verist Law was founded in 2014 by Srishti Ojha with exactly one associate. This in the height of the second dotcom boom in India- times that created learning opportunities for the more cautious and informed world of today. 

In 2021, we are reframing our relevance and are integrating for a changed world. 

We are prioritising quality overgrowth and a well-crafted legal strategy implemented in calm over aggressive representation. 

Through all times, we endeavor to maintain a working environment that is balanced and enriching.


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